Friday, 30 December 2011


My friend Gill and I booked the indoor school at Blaby Mill Stables to practice some jumping as the Christmas show that was cancelled on the 18th, has been postponed to a later date so that means we will have two jumping shows in January. Whoo hoo!!

Hattie quite happy to jump today and we had fun! We'll never be international show jumpers but we are quite happy popping our little fences. Keeps Hattie happy as she loves jumping and keeps me feeling alive!

Did some flatwork which was nice and forward (it has really made a difference with my saddle fit and Hattie's way of going with me scooting as far forward as I can get on my saddle), then it was jumping time which Gill graciously filmed (she asked if she could have a go on my saddle next time!). I'm pleased to see how rock solid my right leg has become.

Our first attempt with a straight on the left rein, Hattie was good with this one but she was staring to get hyper so we put the fences down to a cross rail after...

After we put it down, Hattie was still a little frazzled so it is our "blooper" video. I think Gill was being sarcastic at the end, LOL.

Jumping on the right rein, Hattie was starting to calm down...

Our blooper video, I didn't ride her forward enough (and our line was wonky) and she got lazy with her feet.

One more time on the right rein to end on a good note...

And once more on the left rein to end our schooling on a good note!

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