Monday, 26 December 2011

YAY! No Snow!

After the show got cancelled last Sunday due to the light dusting of snow, it's been very spring like out. Hopefully it will stay that way for the rest of winter as I REALLY HATE snow.

Last year our annual Christmas Eve pub hack got cancelled due to bad weather (ice and snow) but this year, it was very green!!

Got my top hat and veil out, decided to wear my wool habit as although it was spring out, it would have been too cold for my lightweight Mears habit and put Hattie's pelham bit on her bridle since it was a special occasion. It's a lozenge pelham (like a KK bit but stainless steel instead of Herm Sprenger's Aurigan metal) and Hattie went really well in it. It was the first time I rode her in this particular bit too so I think I may use it as her showing bit in the summer.

I also experimented with double rein placement after reading several ways of holding double reins and decided afterwards that the snaffle rein held under my little finger and the curb between my little and 4th finger was the most comfiest and easiest for my hands.

The pub we go to, called the Glen Parva Manor, was built in the mid 15th century so it has a nice atmosphere about it especially on Christmas Eve. It was a fun day and here are some photos of the festivities!


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