Friday, 13 January 2012

Frosty Morning!

It's been a bit spring like for most of December and into January but this weekend, it's supposed to dip down to about -1 to -2C and then go back up on Tuesday to a balmy spring like 6C. Meanwhile, until it heats up again this coming week, the outdoor ring has been frosty in the mornings when I can only school.

Us this morning taken when it was very white and frosty out!

It was too slippery in the school to do anything faster than a walk (and my right hip was hurting too) so just practised walking down our center lines for when we do our two dressage shows next month. Both are offering the Prelim 1 test but I don't know if I'm going to bother doing the Intro A test any more as I find it boring now. Maybe I will do one more at the first show as a warm up to get us back into the swing of things but I will have to see.

One of the comments that we always get on our test sheet is about Hattie drifting to the right of the center line so during my last lesson, Lili made me set her up after we turned at A to go down the center line, as if we would be turning left once we reached C. If I can scrape some extra marks for our center lines, so be it!

To do this, I find that it helps if I look just slightly left of C like as if I'm looking at the corner of the arena, hold her with my right rein and keep my whip on her side and invite by softening with my left rein while just keeping my leg on her slightly so Hattie doesn't actually head off to the left. I have to practise doing this on both reins although I find it slightly harder to master the turn at A to go down the center line when I'm on the left rein. I will practise this again tomorrow at a walk as it's going to be frosty start to the day!

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