Sunday, 5 February 2012


Our schooling was better yesterday on the waxed sand surface in the indoor school that we booked at the stables down the lane from us. I definitely think Hattie is not keen on wood chippings at our place as her nicely rolly canter came back and she was a lot more forward. I still had to remind her to "make it happen" but it all in all it was good. She was a bit stiff on the right rein and our right rein canter transition was a bit rushed but I'm wondering if it's me as I realized yesterday that I was very tense on this rein and tend to get heavy handed. I'm wondering if the pain in my right hip has something to do with it. I caught myself doing it yesterday and it shocked me. It will be interesting to see what happens when my off-side comes back and I'm riding off my good pain-free hip.

I got my show pictures from the December "fancy dress" dressage show when I dressed as the Snow Queen from the Chronicles of Narnia and one of them made it into the January edition of Equestrian Life Magazine. the results were posted on their website as well (not my pic however). This is my favorite photo out of all of them that I bought and I plan on framing it...

On the Snow Queen theme, we had a good snowfall yesterday evening so it was probably best that Leicester Dressage did cancel their show for today. They are transferring my entry to next month's show so I've got to memorize the Prelim 7 test which has lots of cantering and "free walking" in it.

Pabs, Charlie and Hattie (on the right) about to canter off this morning...

Hattie in the snow...

Roll on summer...


  1. Congragulations on your celebrity! Wouldn't it be nice to have a "Snow Queen" picture taken in the snow?
    I understand your pain regarding Hattie and footing...Owen is such a princess when it comes to footing, and if it doesn't suit him he lets you know.

  2. Hi there
    Love the photo of you as the Snow Queen.... Very effective on your bay!
    Anyway my name's Jane and I've just started side saddle riding after years of eventing, my horse broke his knee in two places at Osberton HT 2010 but after a long period of rehab he's now well and competing at elementary dressage. Just sorted out all his paperwork to be able to compete in Ladies side saddle classes, my aim for this year is the Great Yorkshire... I've always wanted to do that gallop in the main arena.
    I'm just having a habit made but am struggling to get the apron exactly right.... do you know anyone who has some really good photos from both sides that show the apron as it should be according to equitation guidelines? Hope one of your members can help?

    1. Hi Jane! Have you looked at the Alexander James website? I'm going to get one of these habits:

    2. Thanks Leila
      Good photo of apron side on..... managed last week to drag a SS friend to our habit maker and sort out the apron. Should get finished habit at end of week ..... yippee...... we've been on with this awhile! If you're going to buy new habit Peter is brilliant. .... £500 for a custom made habit.... when I have photos, will send on
      Looking forward to season now.... first clinic on March 18th ..... we'll see how much work there's to do

  3. What a beautiful Snow Queen you made too!!!