Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Burbage Riding Club Show Report!

We did it! We FINALLY got to the Burbage riding Club show and I didn't have to hack the 22 mile round trip!

It was a brilliant day and the weather was sunny and hot (glad I had my lightweight habit on). Hattie travelled with her boyfriend, fellow bay Thoroughbred, Charlie who is owned by my yard owners and we entered Best Turned Out, Style and Appearance, Riding Club Horse & Pony, Senior Equitation and Best Condition Over 15 years (In-hand).

Hattie also decided to come into season that morning and was calling to Charlie all the time back and forth, back and forth which also made her a bit sharp and wappy when Laura, Charlie's owner, finished her showing classes and took him to do some show jumping in the other ring.

We did REALLY well on Sunday and qualified for the Championship show in September in ALL the classes we entered! In Best Turned Out we came 1st, in Style and Appearance we came 2nd, in Riding Club Horse, we got 4th, for Senior Equitation we came 2nd and Hattie came 1st in Veteran Best Condition class!

For Best Turned Out, all our tack was inspected, even underneath our stirrup iron. I am a bit obsessive compulsive about tack cleaning and turn out so we really did earn our 1st place. I HATE having dirty tack and can't rest until it's all cleaned.

Us walking around being judged in Best Turned Out...

Being inspected...

Our 1st place rosette!

For Style & Appearance, your turnout AND your riding/horse's way of going is judged. I was a bit nervous and I don't think our individual show was as good as our later ones were but all things considered, Hattie was nice and forward although I did catch my right shoulder dropping down a few times and we could have used more of the ring instead of cutting corners (the judge mentioned using more of the ring as well).

 In the Riding Club Horse class, you are judged on how suitable your horse is for riding club activities (jumping, dressage, showing) and Hattie was a nightmare in this class due to Charlie leaving and going off to do some show jumping. She was screeching for him and was STRONG and FAST.

The judged wanted us to show walk/trot/canter on both reins with a gallop along the long side of the ring on the right rein and also incorporating a small jump. The jumps were only about 1'3" but Hattie knocked it down. She just doesn't respect the small jumps as she hasn't been touching ANY of the 1'9" ones we have been doing all week. There was no reason for her to knock it down as we had a nice forward pace too, it was just laziness and lack of concentration with her thinking about her boyfriend.

 I kept having to halt her in our individual show as she was screeching and trying to gallop off to Charlie. After we finished, the judge said "Well ridden" and "that looked hard", lol! My husband didn't film it (wish he did to prove that Hattie was a nutjob during that class) but we managed to get some good riding in between the crazy bits. It was a true test of my equitation.

 Lovely trot courtesy of Lili Brooksby's excellent teaching...

A controlled gallop down the long side as I wasn't sure Hattie wouldn't try to jump the fence at the end to go to Charlie...

Us getting our well deserved 4th place ribbon...

Hattie and her harlequin patterned 4th place ribbon for Riding Club Horse...

After a short break was the Senior (over 14yrs) Equitation class. I felt a bit old as at 36, I was probably the oldest rider in the class despite it covering all the ages from 14 years, upwards!!

 Our individual show was better than the previous as Hattie had calmed down a LITTLE bit (not much but she was a bit better) since Charlie was now occupied with jumping than calling for his girlfriend. The judged wanted walk, trot and canter plus a gallop down the long side on the right rein. A jump was optional but since everyone was jumping, I had to as well. I still had to be careful at the gallop however as she wanted to GO. The flies had come out by this time and were annoying her too so did not want her to go nuts and buck like she tried to do at the Roger Philot clinic.

 Hattie was nice and forward in her test (why can't she be like that in the dressage!) but we had trouble at the jump with her refusing it twice. I'm not quite sure why she refused it as you can see in the video, we had a nice forward pace and I was balanced as well. The grass was a bit damp still and I'm wondering if she just felt it was a bit slippery as the jump was going downhill. We gave up after the 2nd attempt and did it going uphill and she jumped it no problem.

I think next time, if we have to incorporate a jump, I'll choose one going uphill or on the flat.

 I wasn't the only one who knocked the jump or refused but the judge judged us on how we rode the entire individual show and how we handled situations equitation-wise. LOL, I didn't come off at the jump so that was good and for our effort, we got a 2nd place!

 Victory lap...

The last class of the day, was the Best Condition Over 15yrs class. Hattie is 16 years old and I pride myself on how fit and how in good condition I keep her. Her dapples are coming through on her bum as well and she was looking shiny that day so we won the class! The judge said for me to keep on doing what I do with her.

 Me walking Hattie while being judged- most unladylike with my hitched up apron...

My champion mare!


  1. Love that fourth place ribbon. I think if shows around here gave out ribbons like that I WOULD be in it for the ribbons!

  2. Congragulations Leila. The quality of Hattie's trot has really improved over the past year.

  3. VERY well done!!! You and Hattie look amazing, your hard work really really shows. Hattie is carrying herself so well. You earned that!

  4. I love your page and posting! I have a saddle i want to sell..It is english side saddle and cut back 23" seat, original surge. Lovely. know anyone needing it for a very reasonable price?

    1. If you send me photos along with price, description, etc, I can put it up here. :)

  5. Thanks guys, I'm really pleased how she went at the show. The ribbons were to DIE for there, nicest ones I've ever gotten from a show! :)