Thursday, 15 March 2012


Our first showing show of the season is next Sunday on the 25th and I'm getting excited!!

I have started working Hattie this week and it's so nice NOT to have to worry about memorizing dressage tests and doing accurate movements. Monday was our day off and Tuesday, Hattie got her new clip to get rid of the winter fur and make her look smart for our show. Her body has been clipped out, her legs left but tidied up and a bridle line put on her head.

Oddly enough, her saddle seems to fit better with the lack of fur on her back??? I have been riding her with my red pad and her normal gel pad and everything seems to be ok. I'm going to use the brown pad at the show though.

Hattie and her new clip...

We started our work yesterday with 30 minutes of just walking and trotting on a long rein (at the buckle!) with lots of 20m circles, figure 8's and transitions mixed in so that Hattie could stretch down and stretch out her back. Then today, we did about 10- 15 minutes of stretching and 20m circles like yesterday and then picked up the contact with 10m circles thrown in as well. I was working on keeping my right shoulder back, keeping all my weight on my right thigh, keeping my rib up, inside leg to outside hand, softening the inside rein (and trying to remember everything else Lili told me!!) and then Hattie just did it!

She was nice and forward, working in an outline with a slight bend to the inside and soft on the inside rein! The right rein has been the difficult rein lately and as we were on the right rein, once she did it perfectly, I stopped and left it like that to end on a good note. We'll pick up from that tomorrow but I think with Hattie, doing our long warm up stretches, really makes a difference. Probably should take my own advice for my hip and back too!! Next week, we will attempt some jumping as well as there will be a jump in the Riding Club horse class that we plan on entering.

The back lady is coming out on April 13 to see Hattie and give her a well earned massage but in the mean time, she said to get two hot water bottles (with covers), tie them together and put them over Hattie's back for 20 minutes before riding as the heat helps to loosen the muscles before riding. I bought some today so after I write this, I'm going to cobble something for them.

Been getting my show stuff ready too and bought a big plastic container to keep my show grooming kit, show lead, sheets, buckles, etc in it so that everything is in one place and can easily loaded into the car. I also made a list of things I need to replace that have ran out from last year (hairspray for braids, black eyeliner to cover up old scars on Hattie's legs, fly spray, hoof black). I also tried on my habit, show shirt and show breeches and they still fit although I'm somewhat disappointed that my Mears habit now fits like a glove when it was a bit loose on me last year!!!!

The first step in the restoration of my Turk side saddle has begun too. My replacement thumb screw for the leaping head, came in the mail yesterday. Robert Jenkins sells the replacements and they fit most makes of side saddles. Fit the Turk perfectly!


  1. It is amazing how rail classes seem so simple after you've been doing dressage tests. I find them very relaxing.
    I can't imagine why you wouldn't want to show in that red pad...perhaps a nice red waistcoat to match is in order.

  2. I would love to show in the red pad but I would get marked down..A LOT! :( I have the same but in brown though that I can show in though.
    I find rail classes so much fun, I'm so looking forward to Sunday's show :)