Thursday, 22 March 2012

The World Didn't End!

We started working on our jumping again yesterday as we will have to include a jump within our individual show for the Riding Club Horse and Pony class at the show on Sunday.

We messed about with some 1'3" cross poles yesterday and did those easily so then today, I decided to up the ante and try 1'9" again as a straight pole to get over my fear. There will already be working hunter jumps set up in the ring where the showing classes are held for the Working Hunter classes that start after the Showing classes are over. The working hunter jumps will be set for the pony division first and will range from 1'3" to 1'9" so thought it best we put this silly fear away!!

Well, I set that pole up and realized how small it looked when I stood beside it! I mean, how could something be scary when it's lower than your kneecap?

Warmed up first and remember to think of my arms as being pipes connected to Hattie's mouth pushing the bridle away, did some nice trot to canter transitions and then it was TIME...

Forced a smile on my face, looked up and beyond and over the jump we went! I didn't come off and the world didn't end!!

First time round on the left rein, don't know what's up with my chicken wing arms!!

On the right rein and my right shoulder came forward a bit...

so did it over...

and had a blast of a time!

I'm so happy we did it and I feel confident for the show now on Sunday. Think I'll stick to practising 1'9" as I find the lower heights boring now. Who knows, maybe, one day I'll even attempt 2'!

As part of our pre-show preparations, I scrubbed the linen on my saddle as it was FILTHY! since Hattie likes the red pad under her saddle, I'll just keep riding her with that and won't have to scrub my saddle so often.

Drying in the sun...

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  1. You'll do great at the show! Make sure to bring the ISSO form with you so you can collect points!