Saturday, 30 June 2012

Side Saddles in Coventry!

Had to go to Coventry today to pick up a lovely Mayhew that I purchased on Ebay. The seller bought it for her horse but it ended up being too narrow so I bought it! I sat on it on the stand when I got home and I find this saddle comfier than my Whippy. As much as I love my Whippy, the seat on the Mayhew fits me better. Even the "sweet spot" that the original owner "moulded" into the seat fits my leg length and seat bone perfectly too. The pommels are really wide and flared and the leaping head has a nice curve and shape to it that fits my leg. I won't need to get this one opened up by the farrier! The seat length on this one is 18" from cutback to cantle and 21 1/2" from the front of the fixed head to cantle. the seat width is a comfy 13 1/2" which fits my big old 42" hips really well. Better than my 12 1/2" Whippy, lol.

It looks to be a mid 20th century one with all sort of patent numbers stamped on it for the UK and the USA as well as being "Saddler To The King", which king, it doesn't say. Hopefully when I give it to Roger to flock it up and replace all the billets, he will find a label on the tree. The nearside tree point needs building up at the tip, and a better-sewn-on nearside point pocket too but the tree seems sound and other than flocking and new billets, it's actually in pretty good condition. I have a preference for pigskin seats too.

I'm really pleased with this saddle and can't wait to try it on Hattie tomorrow!

After we picked up the saddle, we weren't far from the city of Coventry so went there to have a look around and do some shopping. While we were there, we spotted a statue of Lady Godiva in the town square riding "side saddle"! I thought it was a neat side saddle sighting so took some photos to share to those too far away to visit it :)

Another side saddle sighting (this time NOT in Coventry), was seen by my sister in law the other day when she went to visit a museum in the city of York. They had a "Victorian Saddler's Shop" window display in the museum and there right smack in the middle of it, was an antique Victorian side saddle so she photographed it for me. I do not know any else about this side saddle but if I ever get to go to this museum, then I will take some close up shots and see if there are any information labels anywhere and report back.

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