Tuesday, 4 September 2012

My Beck is Back!

Guess what came back??! My off-side Beck Morrow side saddle! Sadly, I've not been able to try it just yet as Hattie's shoeless feet are still ouchy when she walks anywhere bumpy, even on the wood chippings in the school but as soon as her shoes get put back on (hopefully next week!!), then my Beck Morrow will be put through it's paces.

On the nearside, the leaping head was opened up for me as it was curved for a leg smaller than mine and the panel was built up with new felt and the original felt to give a nice level ride. My saddler also put a new overgirth strap.

The topside of the BEAUTIFUL new panels! My saddler originally wanted to do them in leather like what the saddle originally had but we decided on traditional looking panels as Hattie seems to like fabric on her back rather than leather and it will provide a bit more grip on her. My saddler also extended the safe as the original one was short and had curled back over the years. He put all new billets and put two point straps on the tree point so that I can play around with which of the 5 straps want to put my balance girth on and which one to fasten my girth too. It will give Hattie maximum set for her forward girth groove.

Beck Morrows were known for their "open heads" which means that the safe did not extend over the cutback head. I'm going to use my big queen on this saddle like I used to as it as such a little stumpy fixed head. The seat is 17" in UK sizing and 21 1/2" in US sizing. It's a comfy 14 1/2" across!

My saddler said the tree on this saddle is very generous so he heavily felted it up for Hattie. The good thing about the felt layers, is that if I ever get a larger horse, then he can re-jig the felt inside and sew the linen back on.

The beautiful slick lines of the nearside. A new balance strap and over girth were added as the original overgirth tore off.

All new billets on the nearside and my saddler restored the piping that bound the edge of the panel. All the Beck Morrows I have seen, have had these "slots" for the billets as well as have a point strap "slot" which was good, as it's the point strap that I need!

All being well, my saddle and my unused off-side apron will make it's show debut on the 16th!


  1. Off side riding habit on ebay if your interested?

  2. I've seen it and it's on my watch list :) Although there is already a bid and don't want to get into a bidding war since I'm not 100% it will even fit me. I'm not as slim as I used to be! :p