Monday, 26 November 2012


Typical to British weather, we have been inundated with rain causing severe flooding everywhere. Our stables have been fine but many other stables and fields around me have been submerged and the Ford River which runs at the back of us, got VERY high- so high that is started to reach the arch of the bridge!!

Usually we can hack to the bridge and get over it but not this time. Just a little bit down the lane from us, not even close to the bridge, we encountered this (note the current flowing through the middle of the five bar gate!!)...

We went a little further and could see the bridge in site but the water was already coming up near to the edge of Champy's off-side flap and my left foot was getting wet (rubber riding boots are your friend in the UK!).
I decided it would be too dangerous to go any further to the bridge (way in the distance ahead!) due to the fast flowing current and the height of the water...

So we headed back home where Hattie promptly fell asleep in the sun after her "swim". You can see how high the water came up her and that was only little bit down from our stable! If we had gone to the bridge, it would have been waist level on me (Hattie is 15.3hh) and she would have started swimming. Not the safest of things when you are side saddle ...

The weather did let up a little for the South Kilworth Riding Club awards presentation evening where Hattie and I picked up our year end prizes! We got two Champions and a Reserve along with two perpetual trophies (will have to make sure to win those again next year so we don't have to give them back!!).

Roll on next spring when the shows all start again!

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