Friday, 30 November 2012

May I Introduce...

...Major Reuben Llewelyn Farley!

I had the fortune of Major Farley's great nephew, Tom Farley (Francis Dashwood Farley's grandson), contacting me with additional information on his great uncle and kindly sent me a photo of the dashing Major in his uniform.

It is so wonderful to put a face to the name written on an old saddle label and give the history of this side saddle, the human aspect. Tom informed me that his great uncle sadly died in 1954 and never married so had no direct descendants. I am very happy then, that Champy has ended up in my care instead of being in that antique shop's rubbish pile with a forgotten history.

Thank you Tom for all your help!

December 7, 2012 update! I was informed by a WWI re-enactor that judging from Major Farley's uniform in the photo, that this picture was taken right before the war in c. 1912- 1913, that he was a volunteer due to his side cap  and that the rank badges on his sleeve cuffs denote that he was a Lieutenant when the photo was taken. In 1917 the rank badges were moved off of the sleeve cuff to the shoulders as they were too conspicuous to snipers!


  1. Thats Brilliant - well done to you and much love to champy, I wonder what stories that saddle has been involved in Kath A xx

  2. I know! All the field they probably gallop through, all the hunts, the hedges jumped!

  3. That is just amazing Leila! I think you've done something any sidesaddle rider would love to do too! I know I think countless times about who my saddle was made for, where it's been and the country that it has seen. If only they could talk! Finally one that did!

    1. Champy did when he beckoned me into the back room in the shop where he was hidden in the garbage pile to rescue him. Then he thanked me by "telling" me his story :)

  4. Fantastic! Great story from your saddle :D