Friday, 7 December 2012

Off-side Jumping- Take Two

So to break up the tedium on winter, I've decided to start jumping again. Nothing high or amazing, we have no pretensions of being the next Ellen Whitaker but just to bide our time until the showing shows start in the spring again.

Hattie will never make a dressage horse as she HATES schooling but I know she likes jumping so have decided again, to incorporate trotting poles and little jumps sneakily into our schooling this winter in preparation for the spring and summer shows that we both love.

Maybe we will even do a few low height clear round jumping shows this winter, even after the fiasco at the one last winter where I was forced to jump 2'!

I have also decided to sell my Whippy side saddle as well. After jumping this past week in that and in my off-side side saddle, I have come to the conclusion that I prefer a sweepy seat over a flat one. My Whippy, as much as I love it, just doesn't fit me as well as a sweepy seat does (like is what on my Beck, Champy and my Mayhew) and is hard on my hip due to it's flatness. I know flat seated saddles are held up as the "ideal" side saddle but from my own experience, some people's conformations can't take them.

I found jumping in my off-sider more comfortable and I could get a really good purchase with my left leg on the safe. This was the first time I have jumped in my Beck Morrow and the first time jumping on the off-side since August 2010 when I fell off my old off-sider and broke my rib. I don't want to do THAT again so have to make sure I concentrate.

Hattie and I first attempt, she just kind of trotted over it...

A later attempt, good left shoulder back too...

We'll just have to keep practising and see how we go!