Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope everyone had a good holiday season and that they got the presents they asked for :) Santa brought me a new side saddle stirrup in the newly made size 4 3/4" which will suit my bulky winter riding boots perfectly.

It's been a bit quiet here over the past month as to be honest, I've ridden probably a total of 3 times due to the VERY poor weather and flooding we have been having here in the UK and those have just been quick hacks down the lane when the sun has decided to make an appearance.

All the shows and plans we had over Christmas were cancelled due to the weather as I had planned to take Hattie into the dressage show this past Sunday and do the Prelim 1 test on my off-sider but the outdoor ring was flooded and the clear round jumping show on December 23 (we were also going to jump on the off-side), was also cancelled due to flooding. Our annual Christmas Eve hack to the pub was also a wash out. I've had my red off-side habit for 3 years now and still have not had the chance to wear it! Hopefully for 2013, the weather will be better.

My horsey New Years resolutions for 2013 is to get Hattie to the SSA Nationals in August and go out competing on the off-side. I have also decided to bite the bullet and get my saddler out on Thursday to see which nearsider fits Hattie the best (I only need one as I rarely ride on the nearside) and get them all in ridable condition and once that is done, sell the ones he says aren't perfect for her so there should be some nice side saddles for sale soon.

I'm also getting my reversible restored too (which will NOT be for sale!) and her restoration has already started with a new safe!!

Before with her original chopped up safe...

And after with her brand spanking NEW safe made by my lovely friend, Julia!!

We took a pattern of the original one and then modelled the unknown chopped off bit on a reversible pony sized Champion & Wilton that had been for sale on Ebay last year.

So now mine looks like a normal side saddle too!

Apart from my saddler, Roger, relining the panels, reflocking and replacing all the straps on it, the next item I need to get crafted is a plug for the unused leaping head socket. The original one is long gone so will need to get the screw off the leaping head cast and a new plug made to fit in the hole to cover it up and make it look neat. What is good about how the safe was made, apart from supporting your leg, it is also wide enough to cover up the unused upright head socket eliminating the need for a plug. The original safe did this so Julia made the new one the same way.

It's new reversible "pyjamas" fit it a treat too!


  1. Good for you for aiming for SSA. That's wonderful. Maybe I should fly over in the summer and cheer you on.

  2. She did a nice job. It looks just lovely.

  3. My friend Tracy, made the pyjamas :) http://www.tracymicheledesigns.com/index.html