Saturday, 20 July 2013

Lazy Days of Summer

The UK is right in the middle of a wonderful heatwave! It makes a change from the cold, wind and rain we usually get every summer and the cancelled shows!

We went to the South Kilworth Riding Club show last Sunday but almost didn't get to go as the horse transporter I had booked, bailed on me and I wouldn't have found out had I not rang to confirm the day before! Luckily, my friend Paul, wasn't playing polo that day and saved the day by generously offering to take me in his lorry to the show.

Well, it was baking that day, I had to wear my lightweight habit and Hattie was her usual brilliant self at the show but it was a very disappointing showing experience with us placing 7th in the Ridden Veteran class and placing 4th out of four in Style and Appearance, both classes we usually win or place very high. We were turned out to our usual high standard, nailed our transitions and Hattie was working in a nice outline but that is showing for you, it really depends on what judge you have that day and their preference!

Despite our disappointing placings, I still had a good time and laughs with my friends so that made up for it.

Paul snapped this nice photo of us at the show in front of Stanford Hall, I like how it looks like a still out of an old colorized 1930's or 1940's film.

We have also been working on our jumping and I think I've managed to "clip my wings" and get my elbows under control. It's REALLY hard and I have to think about keeping my elbows stuck to my waist on the approach to the jump and then follow with a release over the jump. Hopefully I'll get someone to snap some photos so I can see if I've managed to do it.

I also decided to sell my trailer and then with the money, take my driving theory test, then a week of intensive driving lessons, then towing lessons/test and save up to buy a single trailer so I can haul myself to shows. I am very grateful to my friends for offering to bring me to shows but I feel bad putting people out so decided now is the time. Once I get my license too, my dream is to become a side saddle instructor too so it's all coming into place.

It was too muggy to do any schooling today so we went for a gallop. Hattie was very fast today and we galloped around the big hay field three times. to cool down, we walked around the meadow beside the hay field and there were lots of butterflies. I tried to take a photo but Hattie would not stay still and of course, no butterflies ended up in our photo!

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