Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Look Ma, I'm Flying!

We schooled yesterday evening in the field as it was too hot during the day to do anything and the thought of going around in circles in the school, did not appeal to Hattie or me!

Did some trotting and cantering around on a loose rein to loosen ourselves up (and to wake us up too we both were too dopey fro the heat!) and then popped a couple of little jumps. My friend, Millie, was there and snapped a few photos as I rarely have anyone around when I school so wanted to see how our jumping was going.

Goodness gracious me, I was shocked and appalled by my arms!!!

How does one's arm position go from this...

To this, a flapping chicken????

I even purposely rode around and jumped on a long rein so make sure I wasn't relying on Hattie's mouth to balance myself over the jumps but still kept the chicken arms. Big or small jumps, I'm still trying to take off with my arms!

On a good note, I'm glad to see that my left shoulder is back, my left toe down and I'm sitting square on the saddle. Hattie certainly looks happy and you can see in the photos how she is flying over the jumps. She was loving it yesterday. I certainly don't feel unbalance when I'm jumping and thought that I was giving a good release. Evidently not!

So now I've got something else to work on now- my arms.

With horses, you truly never stop learning!

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