Monday, 30 December 2013


C. 1900 George Parker & Sons Reversible side saddle for sale. Seat is about 21 1/4" from the front of the fixed head to cantle or 17" from the cutback to cantle (it has a VERY deep cutback head). Seat is 13" across. I am a Uk size 16 and 5'9" and this saddle was plentylong enough for me.

It has a roller bar stirrup fitting and a nice comfy sweepy leather seat which is in excellent condition with no tears. he saddle tree is reinforced and tree is SOUND as was checked by my saddler Roger Whitehead, but this saddl e wasn't meant for heavy-duty hunting and show jumping, it was a park saddle. It's perfectly fine and safe for dressage, flatwork, equitation, hacking out, and the odd low jump in Riding Club horse classes or dressage with a jump classes. Very comfy and I've hacked out and schooled in it, pommels currently suit "ample thighs" but could be padded up with queens for smaller legs.

Has had a new flippable safe made and comes with a reversible fleece saddle cover. The leather work is in good condition (leaping head an an old patch to the tip), really only needs the panels relining with new serge as it's moth eaten and being flocked to your horse. I've used the billets as is but you could get them replaced if you wish, the over girth has a special made strap which buckles underneath but I was going to get a new overgirth for off-side riding only but I'll leave it to the new owner to do as they wish. The overgirth straps have old stitching where the holes have stretched through. The saddle could do with a new gullet channel liner as the original is torn (cosmetic, doesn't affect the use of the saddle and and any saddler can put a new one in).

Tree is a medium/wide fit as it's too wide as it is for Hattie as it sits down on her withers, it would need to be heavily flocked for a narrower horse or put on a wykham for a wider horse. It's got quite an open cutback head on it too. The head just under where the panels are screwed on is approx. 5", just under the thickest part of the panels is 10", From the bottom tip of the leather tree point pocket straight across to the other bottom tree point pocket tip is 18".

I tried it on my friend's 3 polo ponies, 2 of which take a wide fit in polo saddles and one of which takes a medium/wide fit. It fir 2 out of the 3 REALLY well, the only one it didn't fit as well was Possa as she has a really wide barrel but I think on a wykham, it would have worked for her as well she has high withers due to being a Thoroughbred type. The other two who it fit really well, are two Argentinian bred ponies who have Quarter horse breeding in them. Both are chunky built with moderate shoulders and a moderate barrel. It fit Pico, the pony who takes a medium/wide REALLY well and fit Daicy who takes a wide quite well although with some of the flocking removed or put on a wykham, would be a really good fit too. I've taken photos of Pico (the chestnut) and Daicy (the roan) to show how well it fit both of them and their build so email me if you would like to see more photos.

On my high withered Thoroughbred Hattie, who takes a narrow/medium to medium fit and has narrow shoulders, the saddle sits ok when it isn't girthed up but as soon as the girth is tightened and you sit on it, it sits on her withers so I used to ride with a really thick sheepskin half pad underneath it with all the shims in it to get it up off of her but was not ideal. The tree points are also too wide to offer any support for her.

I accept IBAN (bank transfers), Paypal, cash on collection. You are welcome to view the saddle, I am in South Leicestershire (3 miles from Junction 21 of the M1) and will ship internationally.

£2000 or offers. Shipping with the UK will be £45, to the US and Canada £165, to Europe £90. Everywhere else, please inquire.

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