Monday, 24 March 2014

Hattie The Champ!

Why does everything fun always happen on the same day? Yesterday it was the Side Saddle Association AGM as well as the Dianas of the Chase race. The Dianas race was originally supposed to have been held in January but bad weather forced it to be postponed to March 23, the same day as the SSA AGM.

Well, it was a hard choice but the AGM won out as I had always wanted to go to one and Solihull, where it was being held, isn't that far from where I live. I'm glad I went as I caught up with lots of people I knew and browsed the Side Saddles stand that was there in attendance. There were lots of antique whips that I coveted as well as a small seated side saddle (think it was UK 15") that was so cute. There were also some SSA 40th anniversary fleece saddle covers on sale which I loved but no off-side ones but Phyllie, who owns Side Saddles, said that off-side ones could be made for me so I think I will have to wait till I get paid. I also picked up Hattie's new SSA 40th anniversary cooler too which is BEAUTIFUL! It's wine colored fleece with the gold anniversary SSA logo on it. This will be Hattie's travel and show rug.

It was interesting hearing all the SSA news at the AGM and it was also announced, that a side saddle museum in north Nottinghamshire will be opening soon. I can't wait till THAT opens as it's only the next county to me!

The Side Saddles Performance Points awards were also given out and I was so please to receive our 8th place rosette and our Champion Mare awards, both for placing Nationally! Hattie really a champion horse who tries so hard, I am so proud of her.

Hattie's winnings...

The beautiful Penny Preserve Trophy

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