Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Side Saddle How To's

We didn't end up going to our show this past Sunday as Hattie got kicked in the field by another horse Saturday afternoon and was lame from it. Luckily, it just seems to be muscular and she is getting a bit better each day but it was VERY disappointing as we had prepared so much for it and won't be able to go to our next show, which would have been this coming Sunday. Sarah from A Bit on the Side Saddle, had come down form Lancashire to ride Hattie in a couple of classes too so it was disappointing for her as well.

In an attempt to find something else to do to salvage our weekend, Sarah suggested taking photos for the "Side Saddle How To" guides she wants to make for her website. Since Hattie is out of action for the time being my friend Paul, let me use his polo pony named Possa as our model.

Although I've schooled Possa astride, it's only been to keep her supple for polo and she has never had a side saddle on her before but Paul thought it was a good idea, so off we went to make Sarah's first instalment of her How To guides....How To Introduce A Horse To Side Saddle.

Possa is pretty much the same height and build as Hattie, but probably a bit more leaner since she is a fit polo pony who is exercised everyday and who plays nearly every weekend. Hattie's tack and saddles fit her really well so the next time the saddler comes out, I'm going to have him look at fitting my Champion & Wilton exactly to Possa since that one seems to fit her that little bit better than my Beck.

I was really surprised how well she took to side saddle since polo riding is completely the polar opposite to side saddle riding! Here is us going for it down the long side of the school. Go Possa!

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