Saturday, 21 February 2015

The Side Saddle Kickstart Project

Hi guys! Sorry I have been away for so long but a lot has happened and just never got around to updating my blog, namely a lovely new job!!

To give me the proverbial "kick up the bum" to get me to update this page regularly, I'd like to present Sarah Parry's, Bit on the Side Saddle Kickstart project! Now, I have a Bit on the Side Saddle saddle, my beautiful and EXTREMELY comfortable off-side Megan and I can't believe how well Hattie did this past show season in it. She won nearly everything in it and even judges who had seen us in previous years, remarked how well Hattie went under the Megan saddle. We ended up winning several ridden Champions and a Reserve Supreme Champion- go Hats and her Megan saddle!

(Winning Ridden Champion in the Megan saddle at South Kilworth Riding Club)

Sarah's Kickstart project will enable her to continue to develop her modern line of affordable side saddles so it is a project that is very close to my heart and that I fully support (she has lots of exciting new projects in the works!). Many of the side saddles out there, are nearing 100 years old or more (my other three vintage offside saddles are 115, 117 and 155 years old respectively!) so won't still be usable forever so we need to encourage ALL the side saddlers, side saddle makers, tree makers, designers, etc, that we have now, to keep going and continue to produce new side saddles so our sport doesn't die out due to antiquated equipment.

My beautiful Megan saddle is currently with Sarah as she is making a lovely thick wykham pad for it to help with Hattie's changing shape as she gets older (she is 19 now!) but you can bet as soon as it comes back, Hattie will be rearing to go and show!

There is only limited time left to support Sarah's project so please feel free to read about and pledge to support a small budding business by clicking the link below. Although the Kickstart project is listed in British Pound Sterling, anyone all over the world can pledge. You enter the amount you wish to pledge (as little or as large as you want, use to give you an idea of conversion rates) and your credit or debit card company will do the conversion. Sarah has made saddles for people all over the world so it is a truly international business.

Thanks! :)